The White Room Poems was shortlisted for the Margaret Scott Prize in 2017.

A “livre compose” expressing the poet’s grief following the death of one of her sons in Switzerland, the book is arranged in six sections, which travel through memories, dreams, fears and premonitions of disaster. It confronts the difficult experiences surrounding the death of someone loved, the reactions of others, and ends with a still coda set in various Tasmanian settings.

The poet uses landscapes and weather, clouds, images and sounds of birds, bells, to ‘objectify’ the emotions of grief, achieving a sense of lightness that belies the density of emotion at the core of the spare, compressed poems.

"The halting, musical, brief lines demand to be read slowly, and release their meaning gradually. This is a text to be read and re-read, for its patient anguished exploration of grief, the interaction of its literary contexts (Coetzee, Basho, Celan, The Cloud of Unknowing), and significant contrasting locations in South Africa, Europe and Tasmania”
– Chris Ringrose, in Australian Poetry Journal, vol. 6 n.2, December 2016.

Cover design, Merridy Pugh, cover image Giles Hugo

The White Room Poems
ISBN 9761877010224
Walleah Press, 2015

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Isolated States

ISBN 0957756569
Cornford Press, 2001
[Out of print]
“The themes of alienation, exile, island life, women's condition, and African landscape and politics continue from her first book. In miniature this book takes up the kind of apocalyptic vision of Doris Lessing” (Kevin Brophy).

Poems from Mt Moono

Poems from Mt Moono

ISBN 0620140119
Hippogriff Press, 1989

“Courage comes across as the true subject of her writing ... (Her poems) help us to identify the violence which permeates our lives in so many subtle and unsubtle forms. They show us strategies for survival” (Robert Berold).