Articles from North of the Latte Line

Here are some links to older articles from my blog, North of the Latte Line, which was active from 2002. Since 2006 postings have been sporadic and will gradually be replaced by postings here.

A lesson in line breaks

The written poem: Semiotic Conventions from Old to Modern English by Rosemary Huisman uses a poem of mine, "For Z, under house arrest in Johannesburg 1988" to exemplify "graphic iconicity". I think I know now what that might mean thanks to an error I made when including the poem – a decade later – in a collection of mine ...

How to get rid of the layer of snow

This poem was first published in Rabbit #5 (Rabbit is a quarterly journal of non-fiction poetry)

Chris Ringrose, on The White Room Poems

In a recent overview of nine of Walleah Press's poetry books in recent years, Chris Ringrose wrote:

"The most consistently elegiac of these volumes is Anne Kellas’s The White Room Poems, a very distinguished collection of poems...