The White Room Poems

Chris Ringrose's review appeared in Australian Poetry Journal (v.6, n.2, December 2016) READ HERE...

Geoff Page's review appeared in The Australian, Review Section, 13 February 2016.

Isolated States

Anne Kellas brings “both wit and deep seriousness to her poetry” with themes that “take up the kind of apocalyptic vision of Doris Lessing” 

– Kevin Brophy, review of Isolated States, in famous reporter, no. 24, December 2001

Poems from Mt Moono

"Courage comes across as the true subject of her writing ... (Her poems) help us to identify the violence which permeates our lives in so many subtle and unsubtle forms. They show us strategies for survival."

– Robert Berold, in a review of Poems from Mt Moono published in New Contrast, 1990.